Leader of Polish factoring market

consistent top 1 since 2019

Did you know that as of 2019 we are the factoring leader in Poland?
Pekao Faktoring has been recording double-digit growth in the invoices financing business for the last few years.
In 2021, we have purchased 73 billion PLN of receivables.

In the period of pandemic and challenging market environment, we have been the growth driver of the factoring market.

We represent a 20% share of the factoring market, which means that every fifth PLN of factoring funding in Poland comes from Pekao Faktoring.

We are passionate about factoring, we have been dealing with it for over 20 years, and the territory of factoring and receivables management does not have any secrets for us. Our dynamic growth is also a time of continuous process optimization, enlarging our product offering and fostering customer relationships.

We serve all business lines of clients. As of December 2021, in addition to cooperating with corporations, medium and small businesses, we also provide a comprehensive factoring service for micro entities by providing a dedicated and fully automated LiquidityMat engine.

Pekao Faktoring combines tradition and sustainability with modernity and innovation.